Tolerance song

Who says, who says you ain’t perfect

Nobody can tell you that you ain’t worth it

Who says this world is black and white

our differences make us who we are

Who says, who says you ain’t good enough

we got your back now, show them what you got

Paint the world with colors of tolerance

cause everywhere I look all I see is violence

And I try to think that it will get better

All we need to do is work together

Work together for a better world

And our voice is about to be heard


This song can ignite

our souls to write

With colors of tolerance

to stop all this violence


Respect and kindness, that’s what we need

to get together and then to lead

A movement against abuse and hate

in better world we need to have fate

But to change it all we need to change ourselves

be a better person and inspire the rest

To realize that violence is never an answer

let’s love one another, that’s what we came for